[arch-general] [off-topic] Alternative to Thunderbird, with GPG support, caldav + cardav support, and ics remote webcal support and syncing

Javier j.e.vasquez.v at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 23:04:24 UTC 2020

On 9/16/20 3:51 AM, Bjoern Franke via arch-general wrote:
> Hi,
>> BTW, I just realized kmail doesn't support autocrypt either, :(  So defnitely kontact is not an alternative.
> did you stick on something now? I'm using Thunderbird for seveal years now, switched to Evolution for short times from time to time, but some things were also annoying like the big status bar which seems to be independent of the screen size and theme. I remember using Kontact 10 years ago and it was bloated and I got no idea why the whole Akonadi layers exists and if it would scale.
> Somehow it's a pity that Sylspheed / Claws and other clients are not capable of using CardDav/CalDav.
> Regards
> Bjoern

It seems there are no alternatives, I'm afraid, :(.

The closer keeps being Kontact, but Kontact, besides not supporting autocrypt, and being bloated, discontinued some time back its support to windows.  It also has issues with ICS remote web calendars, it doesn't sync them, just load them statically without ever syncing them, which is an issue for work office365 ICS calendar, and others remote calendars requiring syncing from time to time.  The only thing where Kontact (well Kmail) is the way, is its support for gnupg, which for me is a plus, since I don't want to keep public keys on the gnupg keyring as well as on a TB database, and I'd still prefer to use the gnupg agent.  However given the lack of other features, plus not really liking akonadi, neither how bloated it is, then it didn't become the option for me unfortunately.

The hope might be getting extensions that would enable autocrypt for TB in the future.  But still, TB wouldn't be using gnupg, its keyring, neither its agent, so even if such extension would show up, it wouldn't be the option I was looking for, but perhaps the closest compromise available...

Greetings !


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