[arch-general] Can anyone share experience with "preloader" on Arch (UEFI secure boot)?

Manuel Reimer mail+archgeneral at m-reimer.de
Thu Sep 24 12:09:40 UTC 2020


I want to occasionally run Linux on a system which was set up with 
Windows 10 with Bitlocker enabled.

Disabling secure boot for Linux and reenabling it when booting into 
Windows starts to get annoying.

So my idea was to just use "preloader" and add it to the chain of EFI 
binaries to execute. But as Arch gets kernel updates pretty often I am a 
bit worried about getting my MokList corrupted at some time as described 


Has anyone ever noticed this problem? How are the hashes stored? If I 
update the kernel, will preloader *replace* the hash in MokList or add a 
new one? How is this MokList stored? Is this flash memory with limited 
write cycles?



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