[arch-general] On arch-dev-public: Chromium losing Sync support on March 15

Ricardo Band email at ricardo.band
Mon Jan 25 10:04:08 UTC 2021

On Wed, 2021-01-20 at 07:02 +0000, Ben Oliver via arch-general wrote:
> I am probably in the rare camp (on this ML anyway) that uses Chromium
> with 
> sync, and needs it for work.

Same here. Because I have a work and private google profile I use
Chrome for work and Chromium for private. I had two chromiums with
seperate profiles in the past but the setup gets complicated when I try
to include my password manager (pass + browserpass) into both profiles,
so I switched to seperate browsers.

> I am fine with using full-fat Chrome for this purpose.

That would mean I need to go back to my twp profile solution. That
sucks a bit. :/

Let's hope google doesn't change it. I would like keeping two browsers.



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