[arch-general] pacman's NoUpgrade option does not ignore read-only files

Marcel Menzel mail at mcl.gg
Mon Jan 25 18:12:41 UTC 2021

Hello list,

I can't get pacman to ignore read-only files via the the NoUpgrade
and/or the NoExtract config options.

I have several Arch Linux LXC (managed via LXD) containers, with several
read-only files mapped into those containers for convenience. For
example, to have a single resolv.conf for all containers, I configured
the following in LXD:

    path: /etc/resolv.conf
    readonly: "true"
    source: /root/containerfiles/resolv.conf
    type: disk

Now the problem is, when I want to run upgrades in containers, the
pacman check for disk space fails with:

error: Partition /etc/resolv.conf is mounted read only

According to man pacman.conf, setting "etc/resolv.conf" in NoUpgrade
should *in theory* get around this problem for my understandings, but it
somehow doesn't. Also setting both does not work:

NoUpgrade   = etc/resolv.conf
NoExtract   = etc/resolv.conf

Am I missing something out here? Is there any way to accomplish what I
want or do I really have to work with a pacman hook here which copies
the read only mounted file to the original place after a package upgrade?

Thanks & kind regards,

Marcel Menzel

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