[arch-general] System manipulation

Tasnad Kernetzky tasnadk at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 14:39:27 UTC 2021


If you are planning to move to another drive anyways soon, did you try 
to free up space?

My usual suspects are

* pacman -Sc or -Scc

* journalctl --vacuum-size=50M

* logs and other stuff on /var

* nfs cache

Also, ncdu can be of great help to find huge files and folders you might 
not need any more.



On 11.10.21 15:51, pete via arch-general wrote:
> Hi Folks
> Found myself with a rather awkward situation my / partition has only got 5%
> free i need to enlarge it somewhat i have another drive i can throw at the job
> my question is how do i go about moving "/" to another drive  i have looked but
> cant find an answer i do not really want to do a complete reinstall as i have
> so much extra software installed some of which has been a real pain to get
> working  .
> Any help please
> Pete .
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