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alpabrz at protonmail.com alpabrz at protonmail.com
Sat Oct 23 17:47:59 UTC 2021

Hello Paul!

Not a KDE user on my Arch Box, but I was able to achieve somewhat what
you want on my Ubuntu 21.04 tablet with Plasma 5.21.4 under X11. It's
a way to basically trigger certain actions (or not) through keystrokes,
depending on the active window (among other things). This feature is
hidden in the Settings under Shortcuts > Custom Shortcuts.

There you can define a group that matches certain windows, like Firefox,
and remap Ctrl+W via a so-called global shortcut (which is misleading,
since the group defines that only Firefox windows should be
matched). Some documentation I found online is this PDF from KDE [1].

Regards, Alex

[1] https://docs.kde.org/trunk5/en/khotkeys/kcontrol/khotkeys/khotkeys.pdf

"Paul Dann via arch-general" <arch-general at lists.archlinux.org> writes:

> Has anyone been able to figure out how to disable the Ctrl-W shortcut in
> Firefox? As a Vim user I'm constantly accidentally closing tabs when I want
> to delete the last word in a text field.
> It seems to be _very_ difficult to find a reliable method to do this short
> of recompiling Firefox. I use Plasma Desktop. If there's some way to filter
> events going to the browser window, that's a viable solution too, but I
> haven't found any way so far.
> Many thanks,
> Paul

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