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> >> I'm doing my first Arch install on an UEFI system and have troubles with GRUB. Following the instruction on the Wiki grub-mkconfig complained about a missing /boot/grub/grub.cfg.new.
> >> So I manually created a grub.cfg file but when rebooting Grub says error: unknown file system. In rescue mode I type
> >> set root=(hd0,gpt1)
> >> set prefix=(0,1)/boot/grub
> >> insmod normal
> >> error: disk '0,1' not found
> >> set prefix=(hd0,gpt1)/boot/grub
> >> insmod normal
> >> error: unknown filesystem
> >> set prefix=(0,gpt1)/boot/grub
> >> insmod normal
> >> error: disk 0,gpt1 not found

I am confused myself. But from the responses, it looks like (hd0,gpt1) is 
the correct form. Not (0,gpt1). grub manual is at 
https://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub/grub.html . I would try to
    ls (hd0,gpt1), or ls (hd0,gpt1)/, and so on, in order to see if I am 
acting reasonably.

> >> 
> >> My efi partition is the first partition on the first ssd. 
> >> I think I did all I found on the Wiki and search on the web but am lost now with generating the grub.cfg
> >> 
> >> Any hints please?
> >> 
> >> Frank
> >
> >1. Are there other operating systems installed?
> No
> >2. Are you able to restart the installation process? Note I dondn't mean 
> >   reinstall. I mean restart the installtion process in order to use its 
> >   rescue capabilities.
> Yes, I can boot from USB

Are you able to boot the installation media from usb, and start a rescue 
session? The emphasis here is to start a rescure session. It is probably 
a command line environment. 

> >3. Can you post your ssd partition scheme?
> GPT with 4 partitions
> nvme0n1p1 EFI System 
> nvme0n1p2 Linux
> nvne0n1p3 swap
> nvme0n1p4
> 2nd partition is / with ext4
> 4th partition is /home with ext4
> >4. Can you tell what fileO

With those partitions, where is /boot located?

 system your efi partition has? And your boot
> >   partition?
> fat32

Assuming you are comfortable enough with the installation rescue session:
From within the rescue shell, what are the toplevel directoriesunder the 
boot/ directory?
In general, my suggestion is to keep a record of the commands you issue, 
and their responses. I think the rescue shell does not have a script like 
command. So one should write it to paper, or take photos with his cellular 
phone, or something. Actually, you seem to already done that for the grub 
session. So just be systematic about those records.


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