[arch-general] Grub installiert issue

Frank Zimmermann frank.zimmermann.berlin at freenet.de
Wed Jan 19 06:27:32 UTC 2022

Am 19. Januar 2022 00:58:44 MEZ schrieb u34--- via arch-general <arch-general at lists.archlinux.org>:
>Frank Zimmermann via arch-general <arch-general at lists.archlinux.org> wrote:
>> I'm doing my first Arch install on an UEFI system and have troubles with GRUB. Following the instruction on the Wiki grub-mkconfig complained about a missing /boot/grub/grub.cfg.new.
>> So I manually created a grub.cfg file but when rebooting Grub says error: unknown file system. In rescue mode I type
>> set root=(hd0,gpt1)
>> set prefix=(0,1)/boot/grub
>> insmod normal
>> error: disk '0,1' not found
>> set prefix=(hd0,gpt1)/boot/grub
>> insmod normal
>> error: unknown filesystem
>> set prefix=(0,gpt1)/boot/grub
>> insmod normal
>> error: disk 0,gpt1 not found
>> My efi partition is the first partition on the first ssd. 
>> I think I did all I found on the Wiki and search on the web but am lost now with generating the grub.cfg
>> Any hints please?
>> Frank
>1. Are there other operating systems installed?
>2. Are you able to restart the installation process? Note I dondn't mean 
>   reinstall. I mean restart the installtion process in order to use its 
>   rescue capabilities.
Yes, I can boot from USB
>3. Can you post your ssd partition scheme?
GPT with 4 partitions
nvme0n1p1 EFI System 
nvme0n1p2 Linux
nvne0n1p3 swap
2nd partition is / with ext4
4th partition is /home with ext4
>4. Can you tell what file system your efi partition has? And your boot
>   partition?


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