[arch-mirrors] Syncing

Carlos Carvalho carlos at fisica.ufpr.br
Sat Jul 31 17:08:11 EDT 2010

Pierre Schmitz (pierre at archlinux.de) wrote on 31 July 2010 22:47:
 >On Sat, 31 Jul 2010 16:26:57 -0300, Carlos Carvalho
 >> Could you please put the last sync column in UTC? It makes it much
 >> easier for admins spread worldwide.
 >Ok done. times are now in format Y-m-d (GMT)


 >> What's the meaning of the Delay column?
 >I added some titles. For the delay I added "Average difference between
 >time of probe and last sychronization". This means if I download the
 >lastsync file at 12:00 from your mirror and the file indicates that you
 >have synced at 10:00 you got a delay of 2 hours.Of course this is very
 >rough but should give us an idea how often you sync with the master
 >server (directly or indirectly). We might update the lastsync file more
 >often in future to get some better results. For now I would guess we
 >have an error of about one hour.

Yes, but the numbers there don't make sense. For our case
(c3sl.ufpr.br), the delay is 12.92 or 12.72 hours. Since you list us
as having updated at 2010-07-31 18:01, and now is Jul 31 21:05:23 UTC,
there are two possibilities. The first is that you're in the past, in
which case you cannot know we updated at the moment you list. The
second possibility is that your're in the future :-)

 >Thanks for your feedback btw.. This was one of the projects you do just
 >for fun and should never actually be used by anybody. :-)


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