[arch-mirrors] arch linux mirror down

Andrew Holland Andrew.holland at academica.fi
Mon May 14 06:00:25 EDT 2012

> You could use several rsync tier1 servers, or just change it to DE
> beacuse its most stable tier.

> By the way, could someone check my FTP
> server(mirror.chmuri.net/archmirror)? Recently flew from the list
> because he was a connection problem, and unfortunately the problem
> occurs even after disabling the firewall and see how easily merge with
> ftp.
>Pozdrawiam Karol Chmurzyński

Ftp works fine from here, I was able to log in and transfer files.

After re-checking the mirror status list, I see that the gwdg (de) mirror is actually up to date.
It's a bit hard to tell as the default listing shows the rsync wgdg mirror far down the list from the top, listed after several mirrors that are out of date.  Maybe the default for that list could be changed to 'most current' instead of... well it appears to be a random order?

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