[arch-mirrors] questions on how to proceed for archlinux Mirror

David Precious davidp at preshweb.co.uk
Tue May 21 18:44:07 EDT 2013

"Diego Xirinachs J." <dxiri at xirihosting.com> wrote:

>Hello list,
>Just joined because I want to make an Arch Linux mirror in Costa Rica, 
>but I am not sure if I can meet the requirements, mainly of bandwidth, 
>here is a short story:
>Currently at work there is a server I no longer have use for, its an HP
>proliant ML110G6. I would like this server to become an Arch mirror,
>Internet connection here is 9Mbps/9Mbps.
>- Is that bandwidth enough for a public mirror?
>- Will setting up this server choke my network?

I wouldn't consider that sufficient for a publicly-available mirror server personally; I think you'd likely find your connection rather slow if even one or two people with fast connections were downloading from it. 

>- Can I use the server for other stuff? say a web server for local 
>development or backup server?

I wouldn't, personally; for public mirrors I prefer to use a box dedicated to that purpose with nothing potentially sensitive on. 

>- I have an Arch laptop, can I download packages from this mirror while
>I am at work using the private IP address?

You could, yes. 

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