[arch-mirrors] Mirror out of sync / under maintenance

James Pic jamespic at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 13:19:27 UTC 2014

Ok, here are my used space details:

[arch at tina ~]$ du -sh mirror/*
55M     mirror/community
168K    mirror/community-staging
512K    mirror/community-testing
3.9M    mirror/core
41M     mirror/extra
56K     mirror/gnome-unstable
8.3G    mirror/iso
48K     mirror/kde-unstable
4.0K    mirror/lastsync
4.0K    mirror/lastupdate
676K    mirror/multilib
20K     mirror/multilib-staging
20K     mirror/multilib-testing
38G     mirror/pool
32K     mirror/staging
1.5M    mirror/testing

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