[arch-mirrors] Mirror out of sync / under maintenance

Miłosz Tyborowski milosz at tyborek.pl
Fri Oct 31 13:22:15 UTC 2014

% du -hd 1 arch
38G     arch/pool
84K     arch/staging
56K     arch/kde-unstable
812K    arch/community-testing
73M     arch/extra
104K    arch/gnome-unstable
1.7M    arch/testing
4.9M    arch/core
40K     arch/multilib-testing
2.0M    arch/multilib
32K     arch/multilib-staging
9.0G    arch/other
87M     arch/community
8.3G    arch/iso
208K    arch/community-staging
24G     arch/sources
79G     arch

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