[arch-mirrors] download links to mirror.rackspace.com

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Fri Jan 2 13:10:40 UTC 2015

On 02.01.2015 13:05, Judd wrote:
> I guess the question I have is; does that ip get configured in scripts
> anywhere once the fastest mirror script is run, or does it just save
> the name that's closest? If it configures the update system to use the
> ip then we should have all our geos listed; even though that means if
> we need to pull a geo one of the links won't work.

The main user is our package manager (pacman) which has a list of mirror
URLs and if one of those URLs is not reachable it will try the next one
(assuming the user has multiple URLs in their mirrorlist file).

Currently the mirrorlist we ship contains all 6 direct links (along all
our other mirrors). Of course it contains DNS names, rather than IP
addresses. All the rankmirrors script does is reorder the (local) list
based on ping/speed so the "better" mirrors are tried first.

That said I think it's better to keep the direct URLs and let the client
(pacman) worry about which mirrors it can actually reach and at which


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