[arch-mirrors] [Announcement] Restructuring the arch-mirrors list

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Mon Feb 1 17:15:45 UTC 2016


Some admins have told me that they are not interested in traffic
regarding other mirrors. I tried to keep such traffic away from the
mailing list, but I have the feeling that it would probably be better to
simply split the list.

I propose the following two lists:

 - arch-mirrors: List that mirror admins should subscribe to. This will
only accept mails from Arch Linux staff and will only be used if we need
to contact all mirror admins.

 - arch-mirrors-discussion: General discussion list. Our users might be
subscribed here. Mirror admins can use it to send mail regarding
downtime or user facing changes. They will either be whitelisted or can
subscribe and disable receiving mail (it's in the mailman user settings).

This should move approximately all of our current traffic on
arch-mirrors to arch-mirrors-discussion, so mirror admins should get
less boring mails. I am unsure if I should also split general discussion
from downtime announcements, but it looks like there hardly was
discussion in the past.

Given I do not know who actually reads this list and what they would
like to see here, any feedback (from mirror admins or users) is welcome.

I plan to implement these changes next week or once the discussion is over.


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