[arch-mirrors] [Announcement] Restructuring the arch-mirrors list

Carlos Carvalho carlos at fisica.ufpr.br
Thu Feb 4 20:01:03 UTC 2016

I propose there are only two mailing lists: the general discussion one and the
announcements, which is only AL => subscribers. This one could even be an
internal one, like a list of addresses, and not a real mailing list. This means
it's mandatory. It should include all mirror admins, whose addresses are put in
when the mirror is registered. It may also send to the general discussion and
whoever else the boss wants.

Of course all lists should publish the contact address of AL, as has already
been said and seems to be a consensus.

Concerning mirror outages and other problems, I think important mirrors should
warn the community if the problems last more than about 4h-6h not only because
of the impact on users but also on downstream mirrors.

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