[arch-mirrors] [Announcement] Restructuring the arch-mirrors list

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Sat Feb 13 09:01:33 UTC 2016


Thanks for all the input. I have decided that a two list setup is
sufficient and now created the arch-mirrors-announce list. The new lists
work like this:

 - arch-mirrors: Discussion about anything related to mirrors.
   Membership is not required for anyone any more (this includes mirror

 - arch-mirrors-announce: Announcements from mirror admins to users.
   This is currently open for posting from anyone, including
   non-subscribers. If this turns out to cause lots of
   non-announcements mails to be sent to the list I will consider
   turning on moderation, however I'd like to keep the delay as short
   as possible for admins that just want to notify users that their
   mirror broke down.

I am not creating a list for mails from us to all admins because there
is really no need for you guys to keep the mailman subscription up to
date when we have all mail addresses in our database. All important
traffic (for mirror admins) will now be sent via direct mail. If you are
currently subscribed to arch-mirrors and not interested in receiving
discussion, feel free to unsubscribe.

If you want to subscribe to the new list, here's the direct link:
Also note that the posting address for this new list is
arch-mirrors-announce at lists.archlinux.org only. There is no legacy
forwarding for the archlinux.org domain like there is for arch-mirrors.

PS: I have also removed the mailing list footer.


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