[arch-mirrors] Setting up a mirror

Florian Pritz bluewind at xinu.at
Sun Apr 30 11:47:20 UTC 2017

On 30.04.2017 13:24, Erik Bye wrote:
> You guys know if there is a particular geographic location there is need
> of a mirror? Is there need for another? 
> Or any other infrastructure needs at the moment?

We are always looking for mirrors. If you can provide them in multiple
locations that's great. If you can only provide one, but you can choose
the location, I'd prefer one in a somewhat remote location.

I'd suggest to look for mirrors in the country or in neighbouring
countries on our mirror list[1]. You can click on the "Country" to sort it.

In general Europe and the US have quite a lot of mirrors. China has
some, but it's quite a large country and I think that some of them only
have 100Mbit/s uplinks so maybe additional mirrors there could be
useful. Africa is hardly represented in our mirror pool, but I don't
know much about the IT situation there so maybe there are no users for
such mirrors. Use your best judgement.

Thank you for offering other infrastructure, but AFAICR last time this
came up we were leaning more towards being independent by renting
servers ourselves. Replacing a mirror is easier than replacing a server
and this way we are also more flexible in terms of hardware or location
choices. You're welcome to donate money though which we can then use to
buy/rent servers ourselves.

[1] https://www.archlinux.org/mirrors/


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