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Alucard alucard at safe.moe
Tue Jul 25 00:00:53 UTC 2017

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>I have received complaints about the domain name (loli.forsale) used by
your mirror. Apparently not everybody shares your humour and some people
find the domain to be offensive. Consequently this reflects badly on our
>Please switch the mirror to an alternative domain.
>I have removed listings of the domain in question. I will add your mirror
again once it uses an acceptable domain name.
>Thanks for your understanding,

Dear Florian Pritz,
	Thank you for bringing to my attention the plight of the young
maiden by the username of lemma to remove the domain from the official
public list of mirrors Arch Linux maintains as to not offend her friends,
who I assume contribute a lot for the Arch Linux project. I am sure a lot of
time was invested during the investigation for formal complaints, and a lot
of work needed to be done to ensure the professional image of Arch in the
F.L.O.S.S. community could be maintained. 
	The last thing we want is to offend anyone, let alone longtime user
who's read our mailing list and IRC logs be scared of what a server or
distro is named for, instead of what the code instructs a machine to do. So
I respect the decision to inform me before any action was taken to remedy
the situation in a prompt manner. Because of this respect, I have a question
I would like answered if you could be so kind to ponder for me:

What does it take to remove all forms of free speech, before it doesn't
matter to anyone at all?

Please, do ponder that. Take your time. Don't worry about me, and the ISP
I'm building in Portugal to maintain Free Software projects, and users with
the same kind of principle. Heed no attention to the time I dedicated to not
only host the servers at the ISP, but the expenses on my behalf to maintain
them even against some of the most demanding of jobs, like working for the
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children. Please don't worry about
_me_, and the valuable time it took me find a representative to formally
reply on my behalf as professionally as possible (I have autism, my response
would have been incoherent if not for the professional help). Worry about
the users that will be eventually be banned because their thoughts offended
someone they do not know. For them alone will judge how a distro is seen.

My only hope, if possible, would be if lemma could contact me instead, and
asked why the domain exists in the first place, instead of demand that it be
removed from a list of alternative mirrors she could have gotten the same
software from. Plenty of other mirrors could be _offensive_ to anyone else,
but mines had to be the one to offend someone the most.

So with that hope in mind, I ask one favor, even if my domain should get
barred from arch forever:

Could you keep a list of alternative domains not deemed safe for work, but
still mirrors for Arch?

Imagine if others were to host Arch, let's say on an OpenNic domain, or an
onion address, would those get deemed Not Safe Work too? 
Maybe I'll register CIAloves2.divideandconqu.er to make it more palatable.

Have a pleasurable understanding,
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