[arch-mirrors] [loli.forsale] Arch Linux Mirror Question

Philip Stark phil at philipstark.ch
Tue Jul 25 06:53:55 UTC 2017

Hi Midov, Alucard,

> On 25 Jul 2017, at 08:11, Midov <midov at midov.pl> wrote:
>> Dear Florian Pritz,

>> What does it take to remove all forms of free speech, before it
>> doesn't
>> matter to anyone at all?

This is not about free speech. 

As far as I understand, you are free to host Arch Linux material on your server under whatever domain you feel like. That is as far as free speech goes. The decision by the Arch Linux project (through Florian) was to stop listing your server, which would imply a certain affiliation. That is not about free speech, it’s a decision by a non-governmental entity. They have the right (legally and ethically, imho) to decide whom to affiliate with, irrelevant of the reason.

This is a move that was borne from a concern for the reputation of the project. You seem to value “teh lulz” high, which is your right. Florian valued the reputation of the project higher than your right to have a goofily named mirror on the official list. I agree. And I’m not sure why that is such a problem.

>> Could you keep a list of alternative domains not deemed safe for
>> work, but
>> still mirrors for Arch?
>> Imagine if others were to host Arch, let's say on an OpenNic domain,
>> or an
>> onion address, would those get deemed Not Safe Work too? 
>> Maybe I'll register CIAloves2.divideandconqu.er to make it more
>> palatable.
How edgy...

> I for one would download all my shit from cute loli mirror.
> Triggered feminists have no place on the free internet, let them go
> back to their censored safe spaces.
> Thanks for your attention.

Then go on, add this mirror to your config. Nobody asks you or them not to use this domain. 

This is not about feminism, free speech or safe spaces. This is about protecting the reputation of a project trying to project a certain amount of professionalism. And to be honest, I feel a little tired of these discussions trying to use free speech as a shield to waste everyone’s time just because they feel their little jokes deserve wide-spread attention.

TL;DR: A non-governmental project has every right to associate with whatever entities they want. Florian felt that loli.forsale is a domain that does not represent the professionalism they would like to portray. Thus it was removed. 

I will answer replies, but I will no longer post about this topic to this list, as I feel it would be spam.

Philip Stark

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