[arch-multilib] Newbie Mailinglist Question

Ng Oon-Ee ngoonee at gmail.com
Sun Sep 5 20:46:10 EDT 2010

On Sun, 2010-09-05 at 15:24 +0200, Heiko Baums wrote:
> Am Sun, 05 Sep 2010 20:42:00 +0800
> schrieb Ng Oon-Ee <ngoonee at gmail.com>:
> > If you use 'reply' instead of 'reply-to-list' doesn't the list header
> > get deleted from your mail? That messes up the reply settings in some
> > clients (thunderbird and evolution).
> I don't know what Thunderbird is doing, because I'm not using it, but
> with every other e-mail client I know 'reply' is working the way it is
> supposed to, means the e-mails are sent to the mailing list and only to
> the mailing list.
> I mainly used kmail in the past and am currently using claws-mail, and
> I always answer to mailing lists with the 'reply' button. Just look at
> the headers of my e-mails in the mailing lists. I think they aren't
> messed up.
> So if the 'reply' button doesn't work correctly in Thunderbird I'd
> suggest filing a bug report to Mozilla upstream.
> Heiko

Some mail clients (Thunderbird and Evolution that I know off) have a
separate 'reply' button which replies to the sender (not to the list)
and 'reply to list' button which replies to the list. What you're
talking about is a generic 'reply' button which works as 'reply-to-list'
when the email is from a mailing list.

The problem with that is that actually replying personally to the sender
you're replying to is made impossible from the main UI. Evolution's ML
had a discussion on this sometime back. Some MLs fudge this
(arch-multilib as well) by munging a 'reply-to'. This has the
side-effect that if the sender has his own 'reply-to', its overwritten
and thus recipients who want to contact the sender privately use the
'wrong' email address.

I'm used to just using 'Ctrl-L' when reading mailing lists, anyway.

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