[arch-multilib] gconf compile error

Ionut Biru ibiru at archlinux.org
Tue Dec 6 11:34:37 EST 2011

On 12/06/2011 06:26 PM, Harvey wrote:
> Rafael,
>> Actually, it is simple as that: the software requires gconf and
>> gnome-vfs in the 'configure' file, so you should add to depends=() of
>> your package.
> Will do. I just couldn't believe it because this pulls in a Monsterbunch
> of lib32- depencies which were not needed before. This is no dependency
> tree, this is a forest ;)
> Thanks for pointing this out

the one from extra is not built with gnome-vfs support since we are
building our packages in clean chroots.

sadly, i don't see any way to disable gnome-vfs from ./configure.

Is gnome-vfs really needed on your system?


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