[arch-multilib] Wayland support in lib32-sdl2, VDPAU support in lib32-mesa

Laurent Carlier lordheavym at gmail.com
Wed Mar 12 09:54:33 EDT 2014

Le mardi 11 mars 2014, 16:26:25 Maxime Gauduin a écrit :
> Hi guys,
> I'd like to add support for wayland in lib32-sdl2; for that I need to
> push lib32-wayland and build libwayland-egl.so in lib32-mesa.
> While modifying lib32-mesa, I noticed it now had VDPAU support enabled
> by default, and it needs to be explicitely disabled to successfully
> compile. Thought I might as well push lib32-libvdpau and build
> lib32-mesa against it since it can prove useful for lib32-flashplugin in
> steam for example.
> lib32-wayland and lib32-libvdpau PKGBUILDs and modifications to
> lib32-mesa are ready to go (merely ported what already existed in the
> regular PKGBUILDS). Is there any objection to those additions?
> Cheers,

Do it!
Laurent Carlier
ArchLinux Developer

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