[arch-ports] New PPC Mirror

Alexander Baldeck aba at disipos.de
Wed Aug 31 06:24:51 EDT 2005

Hey List,

just underwent the hassle to finally set up my very own server for to 
mirror the ppc
packages. Feel free to give it a shot:

Server = http://kleiner-weise.de/~kth5/archlinux/current/os/ppc

Server = http://kleiner-weise.de/~kth5/archlinux/testing/os/ppc

Additionally everyone who rsyncs the packages should start to use this 
machine instead
as well:

rsync kleiner-weise.de::archppc-current/
rsync kleiner-weise.de::archppc-testing/

Extra will not be mirrored since it is *NOT* maintained at the moment!



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