[arch-ports] Who's working on Arch64 packages?

Maluvia terakuma at imbris.net
Sat Dec 3 13:51:36 EST 2005

>Ok, so the reason things are done the way they are right now is  
>because I followed debian on amd64. They use the symlink and for  
>32bit backwards compatibility they setup a chroot. To me this seems  
>like a much better idea than packaging both 32bit and 64bit apps for  

I agree that Arch64 would be better with 32bit apps left for chroot or statically linked.
Pure64 is much cleaner and simpler.

>Also the symlink is supposed to be the other way around from /lib64 to /lib 
>i've been meaning to fix that...

That makes much more sense to me - I will do a reinstall that way and see how it works.

Thanks for the clarification.

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