[arch-ports] ArchLinux PPC News

Alexander Baldeck aba at disipos.de
Tue Dec 6 19:32:20 EST 2005

Hello list,

once again we have some news I thought they would be worth to be mentioned:

1) archlinuxppc.org has arrived
It took a while for me to consider my options and now I have found an 
affordable solution that will fit our needs perfectly. The new server is 
or less set and all major services are migrated.

(needs some more work though)

The following are available:

CVSROOT=":pserver:anonymous at cvs.archlinuxppc.org:/home/cvs-current" / 
MODULE: current
CVSROOT=":pserver:anonymous at cvs.archlinuxppc.org:/home/cvs-extra"  / 
MODULE: extra

We have implemented a similar way of doing things by tagging CURRENT or 
TESTING analog to what the i686 guys invented, that
means "testing" became obsolete and was merged with "current" and tagged 

All packages including ISO-snapshots are available via anonymous-ftp 
from here:


It might take a while until I have done a Pacman package with the new 
list, for now the few of you using ArchPPC should edit their lists

The module structure staid the same but the domain has changed so feel 
free to use:


and last but not least:


2) PowerMac kernel now implements INITRD changes
I have made the effort to integrate mkinitrd and all necessary changes 
to the kernel26-pmac package. For now it seem more or less
stable. Glad that tpowa and apeiro did such a great job, huge thanks 
goes out to both of them.
By the way, hwdetect and network-profiles are there as well and work 

3) Welcome aboard benoitc!
He was of great help setting up CVS on the new server, reporting bugs 
and making suggestions. Also he has been working on G4 specific issues
with Firefox and Gnome. Having said that, he plans to contribute the 
wonderful GNOME which hopefully will attract more people to run Arch
on PPC. Let's all cheer for him. ;)

4) What's next?
Now that we have all services migrated to the new server, I hope we can 
catch up with the regular tasks and upgrade to the latest packages in order
not to fall behind i686 too much.

Right now Xorg 6.9RC3 and firefox 1.5 are in the making and will arrive 
on the repos shortly.

On top of that, I have received word from cnuke today, that there 
finally is the much anticipated opensource driver for the Airport Xtreme 
widely used in iBooks and PowerBooks. I will see about how to integrate 
them, maybe this could be done much better by benoitc or elkrammer since
both own *Books? ;)

Well, that's all folks. May the force be with you and good luck with 
whatever you do right now.

Best regards,


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