[arch-ports] Development of Arch64 / site arch64.org still down

Dieter Rethmeyer Dieter at Rethmeyers.de
Mon Dec 12 14:25:15 EST 2005


I am a new arch64 user and I am interested in making Arch64 an good, 
perhaps the best 64-bit distribution. At the moment I am using Arch32 as 
some applications are not available in Arch64, so I try to compile them 
here (with more or less success). My base Arch64 system is running and 
digikam works already :)

What about arch64.org? - it is still down. Do you know when the site 
will be up again?

Another question about package updates: Will updates still be made with 
pacman in Arch64 or ist there another solution planned?

And, at last: If I suceed in compiling some programs I use (just working 
on digikam and postfix - having trouble with mc, acroread, 
openoffice.org2) - are you interested in the results (PKGBUILDs, 
binaries, problems I have)? Shall compilation problems and possible 
solutions be discussed on this mailing list?


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