[arch-ports] [Arch64] help with Oo2 / gimp2.2.9

Arnaud Fortier arnaud.fortier at free.fr
Wed Nov 9 16:19:49 EST 2005

Hi, as I'm new to this list I don't know if this has been answered, 
anyway, following what's on arch wiki to get abs running ( mount arch32 
and chroot in it ... ) I've built an openoffice2.0 package, but when I 
install it it says :
./unopkg: line 100: /opt/openoffice/program/javaldx: No such file or 
./unopkg: line 136: /opt/openoffice/program/unopkg.bin: No such file or 
./unopkg: line 136: /opt/openoffice/program/unopkg : Success

But when I try to launch it it says :
/usr/bin/soffice: line 152: /opt/openoffice/program/javaldx : No such 
file or directory
/usr/bin/soffice: line 213: /opt/openoffice/program/pagin : No such file 
or directory
/usr/bin/soffice: line 213: /opt/openoffice/program/soffice.bin : No 
such file or directory

After searching on gentoo's forum and on google I found that this seems 
to be a java related problem.
I have j2re / j2sdk installed ( in 64bits )
The $JAVA_HOME var is well set to /opt/java
/opt/openoffice/program/soffice.bin exists !!

End of problem with openoffice2

Now the gimp 2.2.9
here it's worse, I can't generate a package there's an error :
GdkPixbuf-WARNING **: Cannot open pixbuf loader module file 
'/etc/gtk-2.0/gdk-pixbuf.loaders': No such file or directory

gtk / gtk-engines / gtk2 / gtkspell are installed ...

Anyway, I manage to compile and install kde-i18n-fr.
I have an Acer Laptop 1513Lmi ( Athlon64 3400+ / 512 MB / 60GB / 5700Go 
/ nForce3 )
running : Archlinux 0.7.1 / Arch64 / Kubuntu 5.10(64) / Suse 10.1 alpha2(64)
If I can help: I'm a php/mysql web developper, system administrator. 
Feel free to ask
I'm also on irc chans #archlinuxfr / #arch64 ... callsign 'warnaud' :-)

Thx for reply.

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