[arch-ports] getting 32bit pkgbuilds

seshu yamajala syamajala at gamebox.net
Sat Oct 15 14:26:47 EDT 2005

I had an idea for making it easier for people to get 32bit pkgbuilds.  
Right now the way i recommend is setting up a 32bit chroot or use an  
existing 32bit system and nfs. So, what i thought is why not have my  
server sync nightly and put all the 32bit pkgbuilds in svn on my  
server so people can just get them with subversion. The only reason i  
actually have a 32bit chroot on my server is for cvsup. My desktop is  
a different story. Anyone else have any other ideas? Also, I opened a  
community tree in svn because mr. green compiled pypanel and c14n  
wants to create e17 packages. c14n will also start helping out soon.  
The dev count will be 5!

- syamajala

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