[arch-ports] Liferea (AMD64)

slubman slubman at slubman.net
Tue Aug 29 04:43:20 EDT 2006

Le lundi 28 août 2006 22:08, fonseka at gmail.com a écrit :
> Hi there!
> I'm using the current liferea-1.0.18-1 on AMD64 arch... but it constantly
> segfaults.... when It happen I see on syslog:
> liferea-bin[2528]: segfault at 0000000000000000 rip 00002ae8b2e8e3a4 rsp
> 00007ffff9e94cf8 error 4
> If you need more info tracking this problem, please advise.
> TIA,
> Rúben Fonseca

The liferea crashes on 64 bits architectures are known by the liferea author. 
On the web page you can see this message :
"The v1.0.x branch is pretty reliable on 32bit Intel system but help is needed 
to debug the crashes on 64bit platforms!"

Furthemore, there are lots of question about that on the liferea forum.

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