[arch-ports] [Arch64] Corrupted package : kde-i18n-fr 3.5.4-1

Strat La Patate pouletfou at gmail.com
Tue Aug 29 20:35:03 EDT 2006

Since a couple of weeks, it seems that kde-i18n-fr is corrupted. I've
tried main archlinux mirror and had the same error.

Is this list the right place for this kind of error reporting? I went
on arch flyspray but it is not clear if the bugtracker is for i686
only or for x86_64 also.

Anyway, pacman output (after rm
/var/cache/pacman/pkg/kde-i18n-fr-3.5.4-1.pkg.tar.gz and differents
mirrors try ):

error: archive kde-i18n-fr-3.5.4-1.pkg.tar.gz is corrupted


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