[arch-ports] New packages and /lib, upgrade system failed

Arnaud Fortier arnaud.fortier at free.fr
Wed Jul 5 19:33:39 EDT 2006

It's kind of working now, since the last update on ftp.archlinux.org, 
there is a current/os/x86_64/setup/ directory, it only misses 
pacman.pkg.tar.gz. I have a mirror here and I just upload 
ftp://xentac.net/amd64/current/setup/pacman.pkg.tar.gz into that dir and 
FTP install works like a charm.
Maybe a solution.



Andreas Radke a écrit :
> Am Wed, 05 Jul 2006 11:21:58 +0000
> schrieb Robert Stefaniuk <rstefaniuk at ippt.gov.pl>:
>> I installed arch64 from bootable iso and then upgraded whole system
>> with packages from archlinux.org.
>> During update kernel it started complaining:
>> "cannod load shared object - no such file" about libraries:
>> libblkid.so.1 and libreadline.so.5
>> Then later on the system freezed. I rebooted, and I couldn't boot with
>> arch kernel ( pacman didn't make proper image yet ), my own kernel too
>> ( after initrd removal: kernel panic - not sync - cannot find init -
>> try "init=" parametrer ) and of course my own kernel started be
>> I see that libraries are divided between /lib and /lib64 dirs
>> and /lib64 contains missing two: libblkid.so.1 and libreadline.so.5
>> So maybe you have suggestions what to do now or before ;)
>> Best regards, thanks to the devs
>> 							Robert
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> Hm. All tests were successfull. It seems the update can be broken if it
> is not the only package that is updated in one run.
> I had this now also on my test pc. I could solve it with coping all
> libs from the new to the ol place /lib -> lib64 and /usr/lib
> to /usr/lib64. Then I used pacman.static to roll back to the old glibc
> 2.3.6 and then again to glibc2.4. After that I had only to reinstall
> the kernel package and all was fine again.
> Sorry for the trouble. If someone can proove if it only appears when
> the glibc package is not the only package to update I would write a
> small warning to the mailing list to first only pacman -Sy glibc.
> I hope we will soon have a new ISO where the paths are correct. BUt
> first I have to make all updates from current and archlinux.org server
> needs to be prepared for ftp installation.
> AndyRTR
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