[arch-ports] Arch64 - Iso problems

Guillermo Vaya Perez driadan at willinux.net
Fri Mar 10 04:44:23 EST 2006

Hi, yesterday I decided to give again a try to arch64 (the first time I 
tried I couldn't get it working)
So I downloaded the iso (beta6) and tried to install it.
The error appears in the install packages section:

    chroot: cannot execute /bin/bash: Exec format error

that one appears in several places along the install log. Also, the last 
line is:

    /mnt/sbin/ldconfig: 1 : Syntax error: "(" unexpected

I have no idea of what can be wrong, it's like bash is corrupted or the 
wrong architecture (I googled it ;)), and I can't boot into this system, 
since no mkinitrd is generated (installing the kernel gives those two 
errors too).

Since my ethernet module (uli526x) is not compiled in the kernel, I 
can't try to install by FTP.

Any hints? How can I get it installed?

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