[arch-ports] What's needed for an official port

Andreas Radke a.radke at arcor.de
Mon Mar 20 23:47:13 EST 2006

Jason Chu schrieb:
> I've been asked a couple of times about what the port people can do to make
> their ports official.  What I'm trying to do here is list all of the things
> that must be done before we can have our first official port.
> A few things need to happen on the Arch Linux developer side:
> - makepkg needs support for arch=()
> - the db-* scripts need to be updated for multiple architectures
> - we need more CVS tags*
> - the pkgrel-<arch> changes need to be implemented in makepkg and gensync**
> A few things need to happen on the port side as well:
> - a good number of packages that can be easily integrated into the official
> PKGBUILDs (which means changes are marked).  I'd even go so far as to say
> that most packages have to be rebuilt against the merged PKGBUILDs.
> - a working install cd
> - pacbuild nodes***
> Is there anything I've missed?
> Jason
> *: We don't need to make them, just figure out what they will be
> **: Should this one be in there?  Strictly speaking, it's not necessary,
> but it would really help cut down on unnecessary updates for other arches
> ***: Also not strictly necessary, but I think it'd help for non-x86_64
> developers to try building their changes on x86_64.
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What about the cvs/svn/darcs question? Arch64 now uses svn and we only
have the cvs package, not cvsup. But we have csup, a cvsup replacemnt:

Maybe someone can summarize all pros and cons for the various options.


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