[arch-ports] Any major non-64-bit s/w?

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Thu Jun 19 15:07:26 EDT 2008

Going to retire my old Arch server soon, and the new one (my current 
desktop) is a 64-bit machine (AMD Athlon 64).  So I'm leaning towards 
taking the plunge and installing Arch x86-64 on it.

Just wondering though if there's still any major packages that aren't 
available in 64bit that might make me want to rethink this decision. 
The only package I'm aware of that I use frequently and is not available 
in 64-bit is flashplugin.

1) Anyone aware of any other notable exceptions?
2) Is there any workaround to be able to use the 32-bit flashplugin with 



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