[arch-ports] Announcing another attempt at Arch Linux i586

Karolina karolina.lindqvist at kramnet.se
Wed Oct 7 22:50:05 EDT 2009

onsdagen den 7 oktober 2009 skrev Jens:

> Me, killajoe and ecraven. Xavery also contributed a lot, but he doesn't
> have a machine to help out anymore. I chatted with some of the other i586
> porters, but none of them was interested in continuing their ports, however
> I did get some helpful pointers.
> I've been told that there is another new i586 port, but nobody could point
> me to a repo...
> Jens

I have a port, which I update every half year or so, to keep a couple of 
machines running. The repository is dead on the internet, mainly because I 
have not bothered the upkeep due to lack of interest.


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