[arch-ports] Arch Linux 32 Project Updates

Tyler Dence tyzoid.d at gmail.com
Sun Jul 2 16:52:28 UTC 2017

Hey all,

If you haven't been following along in IRC for the last few weeks, we have
had several advances in the Arch Linux 32 project:
- The addition of a forum, https://bbs.archlinux32.org/
- A news page (with atom feed), https://news.archlinux32.org/
- We have started building the -i686 and -dual installation isos from the
archlinux32 repo
- Able to boot a system installed from the archlinux32 repo

In addition, we have several ongoing projects, with varying stages of
- Automated package build system
- Automated testing infrastructure
- Core infrastructure backup solution
- Geographicaly spread out mirrors - we have EU covered pretty well, and
one mirror in the US

In addition, the July archlinux32 isos are now available from our mirrors:
https://mirror.archlinux32.org/archisos/ (Master Mirror, EU/Germany)
http://32.arlm.tyzoid.com/archisos/ (North America/United States)

Let us know if anyone encounters issues, or hop on IRC/reply if you'd like
to get involved with the ongoing projects.

And as always, IRC logs are available on the mirrors as well:

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