[arch-ports] Upgrade path to new build

Alexi Funkner alexifunkner at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 21:14:25 UTC 2017


in case you want to upgrade your i686 system to a x86 one, there are
usually migration instruction on arch compatible websites. For example
this one is how to move from arch gnu/linux x86 to a completely free
distribution called parabola.


moving to other architectures (for example i686 to x86, since ARM would
not make any sense) is completely analogous.

I really hope that I got your question right, and was able to help.


> Hi,
> I recently installed 2 machines, 'home servers' with a 686 build.
> Will there be an upgrade path provided or do I have to reinstall both
> machines?
> regards,
> Bart


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