[arch-proaudio] What AUR build environment are you using?

SpotlightKid aur at chrisarndt.de
Fri Apr 27 15:41:02 UTC 2018

Hi AUR packagers,

which environment / tools are you using to build your AUR packages to
ensure you don't miss any dependencies?

I'm a bit confused on whether devtools can be used to build AUR packages
in a chroot environment or if it is only for packages in the official
repositories. Can somebody shed some light on this or link to a guide on
how to do this?

I tried this docker-based solution:


It works for some packages, but I'm having trouble compiling e.g. the
juce AUR package. I get some strange missing symbols in the linking
stage, even though the needed library package seems to installed (icu).
Does anybody have any experience with this solution? Or can anybody
recommend an easy to use docker-based recipe for building AUR packages?

Cheers, Chris

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