[arch-proaudio] Introducing: dedicated realtime group (not only for jack/jack2)

bill-auger bill-auger at peers.community
Sun Jul 29 22:52:36 UTC 2018

can you explain why a new group was needed? why remove functionality from the audio group - that is the commonly expected purpose of the audio group on every distro i have used that caters to A/V use-cases - conversely, what purpose would the audio group now serve?

most such distros (including the arch derivative i use) also have a package which is usually named similarly to 'proaudio-settings', that depends on JACK and the kernel-rt and provides optimizations for real-time audio use - but the JACK package should not require the kernel-rt nor any privileges or optimizations; simply because JACK itself does not require those and is intended to be fully usable without them

i proposed before the idea of maintaining a consistent 'proaudio-settings' optimizations package in the arch upstream - does this 'realtime-privilege' package do nothing more than create 'realtime' group, with no other optimizations? - if it also has other general optimizations for real-time audio, then i suggest it be renamed to a commonly recognizable name like: 'proaudio-settings' - if not, then i still propose such a 'proaudio-settings' optimization package - such a package would necessarily depend on JACK and the 'realtime-privilege' package - but that would make it clear that it is the optimization package that provides realtime privileges and not the JACK package
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