[arch-projects] Pluggable wrapper

Paul Mattal paul at mattal.com
Tue Aug 31 19:43:22 EDT 2004

> But I'm still not convinced.  To me, a package manager should do a
> small number of things and do them very right.  I don't know if a plugin
> system would be worth the time and effort.  Maybe we should try and come
> up with a list of 5-10 solid pluggable ideas, ones that wouldn't deserve
> to go into pacman proper.  We don't need to implement them all, but it
> would help to justify the need.

This is a sage counterpoint. Though it's nice to have modular software, 
it would take substantial time to add the plugin API(s), and if there 
aren't enough plugins to justify it, our collective coding time could be 
put to better use elsewhere.

So I guess I'm waiting to hear the 5-10 ideas, too.

- P

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