[arch-projects] phpwiki-to

cactus cactus at solarblue.net
Sat Apr 9 18:19:58 EDT 2005





I am in the process of writing a python script that extracts phpwiki
wikitext from a phpwiki install.

Eventually phpwiki-to will have 2 connection mechanisms, and 3 export types.
  * The two connection mechanisms are: gdbm (for old school phpwiki)
  * mysql (for newer phpwiki)

The three export types are:
  * plain wiki text
  * html (some simple html subset)
  * solarwiki xml (solarwiki compatible xml files)

I will then write a simple solarwiki xml importer that will work with the
solarwiki specific xml files.

But..right now the gdbm to plain wiki-text output is mostly working,
althought I have no idea how well, and the html export is partially
working (formatting is a bid hosed up. I need more work on the regexp or a
parser of some type).

Be kind, this is my first python proggy
.ever..(started picking up python
last week).

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