[arch-projects] Keeping the list alive!

z4ziggy z4ziggy at user-contributions.org
Mon Aug 1 08:27:22 EDT 2005

On Monday 01 August 2005 14:19, Andy Roberts wrote:
> It's not that I haven't had lots of positive feedback. And even if no-one
> else liked it, it's certainly been good for practising Java GUI programming
> and how to interact with native commands. I'm just wondering what you guys
> think.

thats the best way to look at your projects ;) its simply a learning curve. i 
do like jacman, specially its UI - looks like a lot of thought was put into 
it. i still think Arch can use a good pacman-frontend, but i would prefer 
seeing a pygtk wrapper (as i think xerxes2 is trying todo with lazypac, and 
as the Frugalware guys are aiming for the same goal) will be more Arch 
oriented (KISS). with that said, im still sure many users will appreciate 
your work and wont mind using a java frontend :)

regarding my own projects, well, Archie is moving along pretty nicely, im 
thinking of giving the xfce desktop a facelift (after seeing the latest 
Windows Vista screenshots...) and as some users proposed, an e17 version 
should be easy enough to produce (by duplicating the xfce mkliveiso, but 
using e17 package list). Currently i started working on the Skinny Archie 
(uclibc based system) but already got tons of problems (again, with the gcc 
package), i hope to solve those issues asap and move on.

my other project, lshwd 2.0, has suffered from many problems lately, most 
important one is my laziness... there are some issues (detection methods) i 
need to investigate and it seems i never get down to it... maybe after next 
Archie release i will resume work...

Elia Yehuda, aka z4ziggy
Archie project developer,

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