[arch-projects] Keeping the list alive!

Rasatmakananda rasat at pacific.net.sg
Mon Aug 1 11:53:10 EDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-08-01 at 15:19 +0000, Andy Roberts wrote:
> > .... the selection of
> > language is also part of Arch's concept of KISS.
> > http://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?t=13576
> >
> This is surely from a programmers perspective, i.e., languages that
> programming easy. I really don't think that language choice was part
> Judd's vision, since he's a C programmer.

Not Judd's vision but somehow the choice of C and Bash were the right
languages making Arch an ideal distro where users can easily hack and
configure as they want. This is the main factor in Arch. Not only a
product to use but anyone who is interested can easily develop on their
own or join in Arch development.

What I am trying to say here, most of the Archers are "devs" in one way
or other, or learn to become because of user contributions. Therefore
loves in products/projects what is simple in performance and easy to
help/hack for further improvement. If one sided, the language is too
troublesome to read/hack, they may still use the product but will not
show interest.  

The Arch Way:
"Don't let configure tools / GUIs control the system but be controlled
by the user".

In my recent understanding, this principle applies not only, not to be
controlled in configure matters but also not to be depended what tools
offer.  A tool should be hackable to be able to makes things as user
want..... not what the tool want (smile).


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