[arch-projects] Keeping the list alive!

Andy Roberts mail at andy-roberts.net
Mon Aug 1 10:33:54 EDT 2005

On Monday 01 Aug 2005 12:27, z4ziggy wrote:
> On Monday 01 August 2005 14:19, Andy Roberts wrote:

> thats the best way to look at your projects ;) its simply a learning curve.
> i do like jacman, specially its UI - looks like a lot of thought was put
> into it. i still think Arch can use a good pacman-frontend, but i would
> prefer seeing a pygtk wrapper (as i think xerxes2 is trying todo with
> lazypac, and as the Frugalware guys are aiming for the same goal) will be
> more Arch oriented (KISS). with that said, im still sure many users will
> appreciate your work and wont mind using a java frontend :)

I don't quite understand what you mean. As I've tried to clarify on the 
forums, I'm not a Java loyalist by anymeans. However, you seem to imply that 
a GTK front-end via a python script is more in sync with Arch's KISS 
philosophy than a Java front-end. Surely it has everything to do with their 
usability. Installing Lazypac would be no more taxing than Jacman as pacman 
will sort out all the dependencies for you. Unless you're saying that use of 
Free software is also key in KISS? Or are you just meaning that Jacman is 
more complex to use than the forthcoming front-end from Xerces2? I dunno, 
I'll stop speculating now!

> regarding my own projects, well, Archie is moving along pretty nicely, im
> thinking of giving the xfce desktop a facelift (after seeing the latest
> Windows Vista screenshots...) and as some users proposed, an e17 version
> should be easy enough to produce (by duplicating the xfce mkliveiso, but
> using e17 package list). Currently i started working on the Skinny Archie
> (uclibc based system) but already got tons of problems (again, with the gcc
> package), i hope to solve those issues asap and move on.

I'm going to use Archie this week to try and install Linux on a friend's PC. I 
originally tried Fedora because I thought that would just automagically 
install, and he's a bit of a newbie. However, it wouldn't even start the 
installer! His laptop is pretty new, so I expect it has some interesting 
hardware on it that could be causing issues. It's an AMD 64 chip too. 
However, I'll try Archie this time and see how that goes.


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