[arch-projects] Distro Talk idea

Rasatmakananda rasat at pacific.net.sg
Thu Aug 4 22:06:35 EDT 2005

On Thu, 2005-08-04 at 20:47 -0400, Jason Chu wrote:
> > What? All three of you? :-P
> > In other words, how do you keep the cruft out? Strict moderation is
> > impossible...
> The hope would be to attract people who are willing to keep the quality of
> conversation up there.  That way it's much easier to keep cruft out.

Much depends how its facilitated, also by whom. Not only by those who
are attracted. There is a "celebrity" behaviour, users tend to ready
posts posted by known users (forum "celebrities"). Also follow the
style/attitude of the them. If a "celebrity" doesn't have
self-discipline and expect only others to behave, it becomes a mess.
Worst is that most "celebrities" are not aware they are known. Its a
Cyber world, no one knows what goes on in the mind of the users. The
"freedom" of speech and expression, doesn't work without self-discipline
by those planning to introduce new ideas and flow in the Forum.



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