[arch-projects] window manager thought

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 12:52:12 EDT 2005

I can't wait for this perfect wm to come along. Don't call it phrakwm,
because I'm sick of all the window managers with 'wm' in the title.
Phrakstep, maybe, although there's enough of them out there with step
in the title too... maybe Phrakdows, mwahahaha!

After getting tired of wmii layouts and going back to wmi at home, I
started thinking about another wm. I keep coming back to this one:


I never tried it, because it won't compile against the latest fltk and
I'm not good enough with C++ to fix it (mind you, I only spent about
half hour on it... and that entailed patching pyrex amoung other

I like the idea though... a Window Manager 'object' that can be used
to create any number of window managers in python... I also looked at
python-xlib... Thought somebody might be interested in the idea.

Maybe I'll end up scripting JD4X one of these days too. bleh. I always
think I *might* be interested in writing one of these things, but it
never seems interesting enough to actually start. Just nothing
existing is good enough.

If only wmi-10 worked nicer with java apps. :(


On 6/1/05, Aaron Griffin <aaronmgriffin at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 5/28/05, Dusty Phillips <buchuki at gmail.com> wrote:
> > This is sorta for Phrakture -- are you still working on a modular
> > window manager based on litestep, or did you give that project over?
> Yes, still working on it - but it's a side project... I lost a bunch
> of code a while back
> Right now I have alot of projects which are smaller, so I have brought
> to the forefront (I work that way, do the easy stuff first, hard stuff
> last).
> > but its also for anybody who's interested -- I know quite a few people
> > are looking for 'the perfect window manager' and believe that such a
> > program does not yet exist.
> Ah but it will... someone so fasionably named it "phrakwm", he he
> In all seriousness, if my "vision" is correct, when this is done, it
> will be sort of like building a pillow fort when you were little....
> the pillow fort was your design and exactly what you wanted, but the
> pillows and cusions and chairs were already made... they were all
> disjointed objects.
> I just have to make sure the "plumbing" is extensible enough before I
> go ahead and start shoe-horning SWIG and whatnot into it - never
> worked with that stuff, so it should be fun.

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