[arch-projects] window manager thought

Dusty Phillips buchuki at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 14:39:05 EDT 2005

> yeah I was messing with names and came up with nothing - though the
> backend utility junk I'm throwing in a namespace called "phrik" -
> phrik and phrak... I found it funny 8(
> maybe I'll just call it "phrak"... *shrug*, name is unimportant at this stage 8)

come on, branding is everything.  I'll help come up with something.
The guy that named a virtual pet Buchuki, and two 3D interfaces
Lebannen and Ensmer respectively can't be all wrong...

Phraktured Windows? Too long...



Pillow Fort?
> > After getting tired of wmii layouts and going back to wmi at home, I
> > started thinking about another wm. I keep coming back to this one:
> >
> > http://pywm.sourceforge.net/
> This one too:
> http://incise.org/index.cgi/Whimsy

I never saw that one.. I was looking for where the goofs that walked
out on Kahakai had gone. I'm going to try that when I get home, maybe
hack on it a bit.

> > I like the idea though... a Window Manager 'object' that can be used
> > to create any number of window managers in python... I also looked at
> > python-xlib... Thought somebody might be interested in the idea.
> Yeah, I just don't think python is really up to the task of running a
> WM - it has the nice little habit of dying and dying hard "whoops, I
> fucked up - here's you stack trace"... I don't think I'd trust it...
> but that's just me

On the one hand, yeah, but in the case of pywm, the dangerous code is
mostly in a C or C++ object, so python just has to manipulate it --
glue the objects together. As for trusitng wms, I'm the guy that's
been using unstable snapshots of wmii... used to crashing.


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