[arch-projects] mBira project

cactus cactus at solarblue.net
Wed Jun 1 14:42:12 EDT 2005

Phrakture and I have been working on a binary repository aggregator, for 
personal user repositories.

1) To help reduce the disjoint nature of personal repositories.
2) To make searching for binary packages easier.
3) Replace the PRIMAL utility
4) Potentially interface with he AUR when possible.

It should be noted that mBira is not an attempt to replace the AUR. It 
was meant to fill the gap between the binary packages that make it into 
the AUR community repo, and those packages held only by users.
Binary package information is culled from a personal repository, not 
uploaded to mbira. pkgbuilds are not dealt with in mbira, as that is 
what the AUR is for.

Comments and questions are welcome, either here, or in the mbira forums.

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