[arch-projects] Two small projects

cactus cactus at solarblue.net
Thu Mar 17 15:11:36 EST 2005

Dusty, if you have jedit start up a screen instance, then you could also
make it pass commands to the screen terminal for you. You should be able
to change the working directory seamlessly in such a fashion..

If you start a screen session, you can use the following command from
another terminal to pass things to it. Note: The carriage return is
necessary, otherwise it just puts it on the line.

screen -X stuff "cd ~

Maybe it would be easier to have your jedit module interact with a screen
session, ie..you change buffers in jedit, and it automatically  sends an
appropriate command to a named screen sesssion, changing its directory as
I don't recall offhand how to interact with a named screen session, but it
is possible, and not that hard if I recall...it still uses the -X syntax,
but there is another flag...

On Thu, March 17, 2005 10:03 am, Dusty Phillips said:
>> > with their chosen editor, and it would make sense to settle on a
>> > filename (ie: $HOME/.currentbuffer). More importantly, somebody may
>> Yeah! and then when you have two JEdit's open, they'll compete with each
>> other over who is in $HOME/.currentbuffer!  ;P
> I have alias jedit='jedit -reuseview' in my ~/.bashrc, which basically
> means, there's only ever one JEdit running at once.
>> Wouldn't it be better to have JEdit start an xterm within the current
>> buffer directory?  Or do you not like starting more xterms?
> That might be useful for one or two commands. I like to have one or
> two xterms open, tiled around the JEdit window by WMI.  I generally
> have something going on in several directories (pushd is my best
> friend) in two xterms -- maybe docs in one dir, code in another, etc.
> So I may want to change to the buffer directory in an xterm that's
> already open, not open a new one.
> Basically, I'm finding that current editors are designed with the
> editor being supreme, and terminals are slaves to it. I'd much rather
> decouple them such that the editor is slave to xterm, or better yet,
> so the two can act as peers.
>> What about using screen?  You could get JEdit to start a new screen
>> window
>> in the current buffer directory and then ctrl-a n to it in your open,
>> seperate xterm.
> Hmmm. That's an interesting thought. Its interesting for the working
> in several directoryies problem too. I haven't used screen yet, maybe
> its time to try.

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